Strategy & Mission

The UK Renal Registry (UKRR) Mission Statement

Putting Data into Action

The UKRR aims to be one of the most effective, efficient and innovative registries in the world with an outstanding reputation for facilitating improvements in patient care by audit against national standards and supporting research, innovation and quality improvement.

We will achieve this by

  • Working with partners to ensure accurate extraction of data from NHS IT systems
  • Ensuring all data are extracted, stored and used in line with good information governance and Caldicott principles
  • Working with academics and others to ensure analysis is robust and accurate
  • Publishing data in a form that are easily accessible to patients, clinicians, commissioners, policy makers and anyone with an interest in renal disease
  • Working with researchers to make maximum use of the resource which is the UKRR
  • Ensuring quality assurance and quality improvement is built into all that we do