Dialysis Academy 2017- Imperial College Renal and Transplant Centre

The Dialysis Academy welcomes and will be strengthened through diverse attendees.

This Academy aims to challenge nursing and medical practice with cutting-edge evidence to improve patient care in a stimulating and interactive environment. Topics include:

  • Dialysis dementia – how do we detect it…what do we do about it now?
  • Practical guide to great AVF care
  • CVVHF with Citrate Anticoagulation – Setting up – Benefits, Research and implications for HD
  • PD is safe and could improve outcomes for late presenters
  • Debate: Transplant over dialysis at all cost?
  • A day in the life of the Home Haemodialysis Nurse… and a day in the life of Dialysis Lead
  • Leading transition from dialysis to end of life care
  • Plasma Exchange – Benefit for Whom and What Risk? – Autoimmune and Alloimmune indications
  • Diabetes in Dialysis-treated – optimal drug treatment and monitoring
  • Debate: Survival will never be significantly improved through increasing Dialysis Adequacy

For more information and registration please see the attached flyer and agenda.