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Plain English Summaries 2016- 19th Annual Report

Welcome to the 2016 edition of the UK Renal Registry report. The UK kidney community is fortunate to have such a mature source of information, with statistics that demonstrate the clinical effectiveness of treatment regimes and real-world data for research. For years it has provided an invaluable repository of information which is extracted and used by healthcare professionals to improve patient care, and to show how well their hospital is managing kidney failure in clinical terms.

2016 – The Nineteenth Annual Report chapters

Chapter 1 Incidence

Chapter 2 Prevalence

Chapter 3 Transplant

Chapters 4 and 9 Paediatrics

Chapter 5 Survival

Chapter 6 HD Adequacy

Chapter 7 Anaemia

Chapter 8 Biochemistry

Chapter 10 Infection

Chapter 11 Access to Transplantation

Chapter 12 Dialysis Access

Chapter 13 Home Dialysis