Professor Paul Roderick is awarded the Terry Feest Award for Innovation for 2015


The 2015 Terry Feest Award for Innovation is presented to Professor Paul Roderick.

Professor Paul Roderick has been a key adviser to the UK Renal Registry from its inception. He has helped to publish 17 Annual Reports to date. Paul’s knowledge and experience have been invaluable, providing direction and a focus to ensure analyses are relevant and appropriate to patients undergoing renal replacement therapy. We hope that Paul will be as keen to continue his relationship with the UKRR as they expand their remit into AKI, conservative care and other areas. Pauls’ contribution to the UKRR over these years is appreciated, and many of the registrars have a lot to thank Paul for.

On receiving this award, Paul said; “I’m very honoured to receive this award. I can still recall going to Ann Arbor with Terry , Es Will, and David Ansell to meet with Friedrich Port and the USRDS team there to discuss setting up the UK Renal Registry in the mid 1990s. It has been a real pleasure seeing the UKRR develop over the years. Fergus, you have done a wonderful job of taking it forward and the potential of all the linked data is very exciting. I’m delighted to be still playing a part; today’s research has been very enjoyable and productive with a great interaction between researchers and clinicians.

Nominated by Dr Dorothea Nitsch for his contribution to the UK Renal Registry, Dorothea explains “Paul was a key person to work with the UK Renal Registry in its early days. He’s been heavily involved with a number of key studies at inception of the UKRR. He formulated a range of important ideas that a number of us have since explored in our own careers. Paul has been extremely supportive to a range of UKRR registrars to help them with their PhDs.”

The ‘Terry Feest’ award was established in 2013 to acknowledge the contribution made by Professor Terry Feest to the UK Renal Registry, not only in the early days for his initiative in setting up the UKRR, but also now in his retirement as he continues to contribute to quality improvement.

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