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PatientView (PV)

Project lead:
Afzal Chaudhry, Renal Association lead for PatientView, Renal Association,
Neil Turner, PatientView chair, Renal Association,

Project contacts:
Fiona Braddon, Leaflets, posters, and more info,

Project length:

Project website(s):

PatientView (PV) gives patients information regarding their own care such as blood test results and clinic letters. It also provides useful explanations to their condition and treatment. The information is taken from the renal computer systems from within the hospital and updated on a daily basis.

Patients must give written consent for their information to be sent to PV.

Most renal units in the UK now participate in PatientView. Please see here for a list of participating units and contacts. If your unit is on the list ask the administrator to set you up with a username and password. There is no charge for patients to join – funding for PV comes directly from the renal units.