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Patient Report Experience Measure (PREM)

Project contacts:
Catherine Stannard, Quality Improvement Programme Manager, UK Renal Registry,

The Kidney Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) is a national annual survey of kidney patients.

PREM 2019


The aim of the Kidney PREM is to:

  • Help renal unit teams understand how patients feel about their experience of care
  • Show where improvement can be made, and
  • Give us a national picture of people’s experience of care

2019 is the fourth year of the survey. Results from 2016, 2017 and 2018 can be found below.

Kidney patients being cared for in NHS renal units in the United Kingdom were invited to take part from 1 – 30 June 2019.

Kidney PREM 2019 results

Click here to download the Kidney PREM 2019 national report

Unit level results by question can be viewed via the UK Renal Registry PREM Portal here

Additional results and information

Acting on the Kidney PREM 2019

Kidney PREM 2019 resources

PREM 2018


Click here to download the Kidney PREM 2018 national report.

The below data workbooks have been developed to give renal centres and units across the UK sight of their unit level patient responses to the 2018 Kidney PREM.

To view Kidney PREM responses broken down by renal centre (inclusive of the main centre and all associated satellite units) click here

To view Kidney PREM responses broken down by renal satellite units click here

To view Kidney PREM responses overall click here

Following suggestions from patients, a comments box was piloted online in 2018 to test whether it was feasible to collect free text from patients and process and analyse it in a meaningful way.  A report on this pilot is available below.

Comments from patients completing Kidney PREM 2018 online, on their experience of renal services in the UK

PREM 2017


Click here to download the Kidney PREM 2017 national report.

Renal units have access to their 2017 PREM data via the UK Renal Registry online CD forum.

Detailed information about all aspects of the PREM can be found by clicking on the downloads below:

The background to the PREM


PREM 2016 came about through the Transforming Participation in Chronic Kidney Disease Programme, and was one of a series of measures developed by the Measurement Work-stream with the aim to routinely collect patient reported outcomes and experience measures in CKD patients.

The TP-CKD Programme was initially working with 10 renal units.  The PREM became something bigger however, when the renal unit clinical directors agreed at their annual forum in 2016, that a national PREM survey would be of value, and that many would be keen to participate.

Of the 52 adult renal units in England, 39 units (75%) took part in the pilot PREM.  Over 8,000 people responded, completing the survey.  This is a remarkable result for a pilot project of this scale.  Results from the PREM 2016 can be found in the 2016 Report below.

Since the PREM 2016, the survey has gone through a rigorous validation process, in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire and Renal units across Wales.  This will inform the PREM in the future.

The PREM survey is managed by The Renal Association in Partnership with Kidney Care UK.

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