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2006 – Commissioners Summary


The UK Renal Registry produces an annual Report that contains detailed information on the provision and quality of Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) for Established Renal Failure (ERF) in the UK. Copies of each Report are sent to all specialised commissioners; electronic copies can be downloaded from

This Executive Summary of the 2006 UK Renal Registry Report is designed for commissioners of renal services. It has been developed because of an appreciation of commissioners’ need for clear information to help drive up the quality and cost effectiveness of the renal services they commission. We also hope that it will be useful to patients and others without specialised knowledge of renal services. The appendix gives a description of renal services for non-renal physicians.

Data items included in the Report are those that are of ‘headline’ importance to commissioners but do not describe all aspects of the care of patients with Established Renal Failure; we hope that readers of this summary will turn to the full Report for further details.

The Scottish Renal Registry is funded and operated independently of the UK Renal Registry. It assembles a limited dataset with nearly complete data for each item, and publishes its own detailed analyses but also sends a dataset to the UK Renal Registry for inclusion in UK-wide analyses.

Paediatric renal units do not yet submit data electronically to the Registry, as many such renal units do not have suitable IT systems. Data on treatment of patients with established renal failure by paediatric renal units is collected by means of an annual paper-based survey, data from which are then analysed by the Paediatric Registry Committee. None of the analyses presented in this summary report include data from paediatric renal units, w.

Summary data from the UK Renal Registry is sent to other national and international Registries (including the European Dialysis and Transplantation Association – European Renal Association Registry ( ), and the United States Renal Data System (, to allow comparisons with other countries.