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2017 – The Twentieth Annual Report

The UK Renal Registry (UKRR) team have once again compiled an outstanding report for all to see. It is not only a report to aid the professionals within the renal community but also an excellent source of accurate and valid information for patients. This enables patients and patient groups such as the National Kidney Federation (NKF) to utilise, challenge and be empowered about the local and national issues which are faced during the difficult pathway of renal disease.

We endorse and encourage the need for precise data which is collected, collated and stored in an approved manner, so that full use can be made for the benefit of renal patients.

Research and any subsequent best practice can only be achieved by firstly identifying trends across the UK by using accurate data. This enables comparative measurements to be made by all including patients in an easy to read format. The amount of data collected from 71 adult renal centres is staggering and we would advise anyone who can to attend any presentations about the UKRR and the work undertaken as it is fascinating. The UKRR service is a unique service which we know other medical specialities view with total envy.

The NKF have been representing patients nationally and supporting kidney patients’ associations since 1979. We are a charity which is solely run by patients and carers for the benefit of the whole renal community. We are thankful for having the support of the UKRR.

Also it is important to remember that the UKRR team are always open to collecting and collating new data and subsequently operate several forums, of which, one of our executive members, the late Mrs Denny Abbott, was fully involved and provided much needed insight from a patient and non-clinical perspective.

Finally a sincere thank you to Ron Cullen and his team, all those that are in collaboration with the UKRR including the individuals that make it happen. Without these very important people we would not have this wonderful resource which is ultimately guiding and shaping the treatment of renal disease for the future benefit of all patients.

David W Marshall, Chair – National Kidney Federation

Michael ‘Bud’ Abbott, Treasurer – National Kidney Federation