Study Groups

The UK Renal Registry Patient Council

Fiona Loud, Representative, Kidney Care UK,

Current Members:
Michael Abbott, NKF Representative, National Kidney Federation (NKF)
Hakeem Adedoja, Patient Representative
Fergus Caskey, Medical Director, UK Renal Registry
Claire Corps, Patient Representative
Ron Cullen, Chief Executive, UK Renal Registry
Ewan MacLean, Scottish Patient Representative
Shahid Muhammad, Patient Representative
Peter Naish, Patient Representative
Guy Richards, Patient Representative
Jonathon Bowman, Patient Representative
Sue Lyon, Patient Representative
Mal Chestney, Patient Representative
Tracey Rose, Patient Representative
Keith Bucknall, Patient Representative
The Inaugural Patient Council Meeting
The Inaugural Patient Council Meeting

The role of the Patient Council is to:

  • Act as representatives for kidney patients and their carers
  • Guide and influence methods of delivery of care.
  • Advise on opportunities for new work ideas and initiatives for the UK Renal Registry (UKRR).
  • Contribute to the development of new audit, research and survey proposals.
  • Provide an arena that will encourage discussions between patients and clinical teams to promote patient involvement at renal centre, regional and national levels.
  • Monitor and review patient facing initiatives recommended by the Department of Health.
  • Review applications and contribute towards the production of patient leaflets, posters, reports and other patient information products developed by the Renal Association.
  • Support the UK in issues relating to information governance and patient consent.
  • Use personal networks to spread awareness of the UKRR and its work with the council.
  • Occasionally represent the Patient Council and the UKRR at other external meetings.


Get involved

We are always enthusiastic to hear from patients.  Are you interested in finding out more about the UK Renal Registry, what the Patient Council does and how to get involved?

Click here to watch a short video about the work that the UK Renal Registry does.

For further information regarding membership of this study group please email

Members will meet quarterly, physically or virtually with ad hoc tasks and groups between meetings to enable work to be completed. Meetings will usually take place in Birmingham. Reasonable expenses will be covered by the UKRR, with prior agreement.


The Registry and its Patient Council would like to acknowledge the contribution our late member Denny Abbott made. She was a founder member of the Council and a great believer in the power of data for improvement in patient care. She gave freely of her time and expertise as a patient, despite her health challenges and we miss her and thank her for all her authoritative, consistent contributions to the group from the start.